Join The Axe Keeper Throwing League


Leagues are the heart of our business where we cultivate a crew of friendly and competitive axe throwers. Meeting once a week for 8 weeks our leagues will practice and compete against each other culminating with a final double-elimination tournament to crown the League Champion. All league members receive a free 1-hour axe throwing session and discounts on practice-sessions!

$99 for 8 weeks of axe throwing!


Summer League begins June 2nd (Wednesday League) & 6th (Sunday League)

League Night > Axe Throwing

League Nights are about way more than just axe throwing. It's about community, friendship & camaraderie. Throwing sharp objects brings out the best in people and puts smiles on their faces. Wouldn't you want to be around others that enjoy this sport? It's a great way to end your weekend and a great way to begin your week!

Proven to reduce wrinkles*

Eliminates resting B*%$# face

Cheaper than therapy (and way more fun)

*Completely unproven, we made this up entirely. The resting B*%$# face thing though, that's real

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