What Is an Axe Keeper?

Stay Sharp!

Traditionally, the Axe Keeper was a member of "Her Majesty's Body Guard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms". Because we're American and we're cheeky, we've adopted the tradition as our own. An interesting oral history of this position and the corps is available at the Life On The Line Podcast.

The Axe Keeper kept the axes and other blades sharp for the Gentleman at Arms.

This corps was originally formed by King Henry VIII to serve as the nearest guard to protect the Monarch. Comprised of all ex-service-members, this was an elite group of soldiers.

Since we don't serve the Monarch, we'll keep the axes sharp and ready for you, our fellow Americans (Sorry, no pitchforks, but we do have hatchets and ninja stars!).

Player's cigarettes. Coronation series, ceremonial dress. 1937. Public domain.

Who Are The Axe Keepers?

Work Hard and Be Nice to People. 

Valery and Landon have been throwing axes since 2017 when they discovered the sport at a popular axe throwing bar in Brooklyn, New York.

After visiting axe throwing venues around the country they refined and brought the activity to the Tri-Cities! They have brought the best in what they found for your enjoyment. At Axe Keeper, we strive to create a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone to have a blast while participating in one of the fastest growing activities and sports in the country: axe throwing.

Axe throwing is fun because it is social and friendly competition. It's also exciting because axes are sharp and they make a pleasing sound when they sink into the target. There's something very satisfying about getting an axe to hit the mark! Whether it's a hatchet, axe or knife, people from all walks of life can come together and have a great time sharing the common experience of throwing sharp things for fun. Having taught thousands of people how to throw, we're know you'll be hitting the Bullseye Tri-Cities!


Want To Be An Axe Keeper?

We've already hosted hundreds of people and taught them how to safely throw an axe. We are always looking for great team members to join our team.

What Does An Axe Keeper Do?

As a dynamic young enterprise we are constantly evolving our methods, model and practices. If you have a strong work ethic and are able to easily adapt to change you will love being an Axe Keeper.

You will be instructing various groups of people on how to throw an axe. People come to our main facility for all kinds of reasons, usually for celebrations, and always to have a great time, so being upbeat and positive is really important. Occasions that bring people in include corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, date nights, anniversaries and more.

Other times you might be traveling to host parties with our mobile axe throwing range throughout the greater Tri-Cities area and beyond, or maybe painting targets, cutting wood, merchandising or assisting with sales, marketing and promotions.

Don't forget to mention any unique skills you think may be helpful to our growing business in your application.

What Does An Axe Keeper Look Like?

Being part of our team means being friendly as we'll need you to show all our guests a great time each day! You should have a love of throwing axes, or at least love the idea of throwing axes if you've never done it before. Strong communication skills are essential. That would include being able to speak clearly and concisely in a group setting and using humour to lighten the mood while also getting the point across. English is required, and Spanish is highly desirable. Strong leadership skills and a humble but high confidence will help you fit in as will any prior hospitality or guide experience. You should have a strong interest to train and coach others and be enthusiastic about sharing this new experience with members of our community. We need our team members to be highly results driven and be able to follow direction, but most importantly to take initiative to do what needs to be done and head off potential problems in advance. A valid drivers license is required.

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